BTLC State Enterprise

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Director: Yauheni Usiankou
Address: 6B Voronyanskogo St., 220039, Minsk
Founded: 2009
Membership type: Действительный
Phones: +375(17)225-30-30
+375 (29) 625 30 30
Faxes: +375(17)225-69-15
FIATA Membership: fiata
Transportation geography: BY, RU, UA, KZ, TM, KG, AM, TJ, GE, AZ, UZ, MD, EE, LT, LV, PL
Description: - Freight forwarding services; - Provision of rolling stock; - Terminal Services; - Delivery of goods by several modes of transport (combined transport); - Сustoms clearance; - Delivery «door to door»; - Delivery of perishable goods.