MasterLogistik Ltd

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Director: Eduard Shumski
Address: 110 Leytenanta Ryabceva Str., Brest, BY-224025
Founded: 2006
Membership type: Действительный
Phones: +375(162) 29-84-79; +375(162) 29-84-63; +375(162) 29-75-99
Faxes: +375(162) 29-86-24
Transportation geography: D, PL, B, NL, CZ, SK, A, H, LT, RU, BY
Description: transportation of multimodal and balanced stock; consolidation and storage of goods in EU countries; transportation of hazardous supplies (ADR 3,4,5, 6.1,8,9); transportation of oversized cargo; consultation of our experts on all issues related to logistics and customs clearance