Belmultitrans Ltd

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Motor    Railway    Sea    Air
Director: Aleh Stryhelski
Address: Griboedov str. 4, office 1, 220035 Minsk
Founded: 2001
Membership type: Действительный
Phones: +375(17)263-41-49; +375(17)263-41-52; +375(17)224-37-57; +375(17)271-21-42
Faxes: +375(17)263-41-49; +375(17)263-41-52
FIATA Membership: fiata
Transportation geography: UAE, Angola, Republic of South Africa, Ethiopia, Guinea, Algeria, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Iran, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, CIS countries
Description: Multimodal (maritime) and container carriages including carriages of out-of-gauge cargoes; carriages by rail, road and air transport, delivery of vehicles “on their own wheels”